What Our Clients Say

The BluePrint is not your normal insurance group. They get the RIA space and understand the importance of speaking our language with clients. They don’t talk products but more holistic planning. They are experts that you can rely on and are great with clients. They provide white glove service every step of the way.

—Chris Risenmay, Partner, Cypress Wealth Services

From the inception of our partnership, The BluePrint team has helped me deliver a more comprehensive approach by incorporating insurance solutions into my business. They took the time to understand my business and address some of the concerns I perceived with those types of client solutions. They helped educate me on various solutions that was different than your traditional “insurance” approach. Their approach broadened my scope of understanding insurance as an asset class and how technology can make it easier for my clients and myself to transact business. Overall, The BluePrint, has been a valued business partner that enhances my overall client experience.

—Anthony Glomski, Founder and Principal, AG Asset Advisory

When it comes to sifting through and evaluating the mind-numbing myriad of potential annuity strategies, products and riders, The BluePrint have no equal – nobody does it better. They enable me to leverage my time so that I can arrive at and present with confidence the very best possible annuity solutions. As a trusted financial advisor focused on providing high touch service to my clients, The BluePrint Insurance Services has enabled me to not only deliver on what I have promised but has enhanced my ability to do so. Their ability to work through any situation and to execute on a better way to do business has been invaluable. They have allowed me to increase my revenues and create a better client experience by understanding my business. They are my trusted business partners and an integral part of my business.

—Paul D. Barlow, CFP http://www.paulbarlowcfp.com/