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Do You have Comprehensive Client Conversations?

The Comprehensive Advisor Newsletter

August 2018

Having client conversations about protecting and mitigating risk are part of providing comprehensive financial advice. Family protection is probably the simplest and most widely needed conversation for clients, especially those between the ages of 30 to 50. At The BluePrint Insurance Services, our commitment is to help you be a more comprehensive advisor. To meet this commitment, our goal is to bring simple and actionable ideas that help you increase your revenue and create enterprise value, while providing your client a more comprehensive experience. In this month’s The Comprehensive Advisor Newsletter, we address the topic of family protection. Our goal is to help you understand and simplify how you incorporate this client conversation into your everyday workflow.

What happens when _____ dies?

Discussing one’s potential demise is never a fun discussion, however it is important for most families. For clients who have a family they need to have a plan in place to protect their loved ones. Too often we see clients with either no protection, too little or the wrong type of protection based on their stated needs. Having this conversation is easier than you think. Asking some basic questions is all it takes to start this conversation.

"What happens if something happens to the breadwinner in the family? "

"How will your family address the loss of income?"

"What will the loss of income mean to your family?"

We suggest incorporating questions like these into your regular review meetings or filtering a list of clients between the ages of 30 to 50 and taking a more direct approach. We have tools and ideas to help you with this process. Please contact us for more information.


Understanding the Solutions

Helping you understand client solutions and feel confident is our goal. Most importantly, we help you assess the situation and find the right fit.

1. Term Insurance: Term insurance offers the clients the least expensive way to get protection. The client can choose the amount of coverage and typically choose between 10, 15, 20, or 30-year coverage periods. Premiums are flat, and coverage is in place if premium payments are made. At the end of the "term", the client no longer has coverage. However, if you select convertible term coverage, you can convert to permanent insurance later. This allows you to lock in your insurability when you are healthy and have the option for permanent protection later even if your health has declined.

2. Permanent Insurance (PI)- PI offers the client insurance that builds a cash value. Premiums are higher than term insurance because permanent insurance allows the client to build cash value that can be used for retirement or future needs. Unlike term insurance, the coverage provided by PI is always in place if the policy is funded. There are several types of PI such as index and universal life.

We can train you on these solutions so you feel comfortable discussing them with clients.  Or we can be your insurance specialist that meets with clients as you need. Our goal is to help educate the client, so they can make the best decision on what works for their situation. If your client already has protection in place it is important to review the policies every couple of years. We can assist you with policy reviews.


We Want to Help

When we ask advisors why they don’t like to have “family protection” conversation the replies vary. The common theme is that the process to provide the solution seems cumbersome, and they don’t want to jeopardize their client relationship due to mistakes related to something that is not their core business. We get it. Therefore, we offer two ways to help the client. We can help you as the agent and make the process streamlined. Or (if you are fee-only or just don’t want to be involved) you can refer the business to us as the agent. In either scenario, we position ourselves as an extension of your team so the client knows you are their financial quarterback. In both scenarios, you are taking care of the client and insulating them from insurance reps or other outside influences trying to sell them insurance and then attempting to cross-sell them investment management.


Helping you is our primary focus. If you would like to review any of the topics above, please contact us at 855.204.6353 or visit us at