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Incorporating The Family Protection Conversation

The Comprehensive Advisor Newsletter

September 2019

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. We find many families put off the need for protection or are greatly underinsured. Do you discuss family protection with your clients? Part of the financial planning process for families is protecting them in the event the primary income earner or spouse passes away. In this month's The Comprehensive Advisor Newsletter, we highlight the family protection conversation. This conversation is simple and we have a turnkey system to help you. 

Why is Family Protection Important?



This heartfelt 1-minute video perfectly explains why family protection is important and deserves to be part of your planning conversations. 

Understanding Our Process



Matt Meyer, Co-Founder at The BluePrint Insurance Services explains how we support advisors in presenting life insurance as part of the family protection conversation. 

Tick!it- Our Turnkey Technology for Doing Term Insurance

Term insurance is the most cost-effective way to address family protection. We find many advisors avoid this conversation or tell clients to get the insurance elsewhere. They view the insurance process as cumbersome, not worth their time, or not their core business. Tick!it is game-changing technology available through The BluePrint that addresses those issues.  Click here to view how Tick!it works. 

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