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Is it Time for a Spring Cleaning?

The Comprehensive Advisor Newsletter

May 2018

Our business lives are not much different than our personal lives. Over time we slowly accumulate more clutter and from time to time it is important to take an inventory and do a cleanup. At BluePrint Insurance Services our commitment is to help you be a more comprehensive advisor. To meet this commitment, our goal is to bring simple and actionable ideas that help you increase your revenue, create enterprise value while providing your client a more comprehensive experience. In this month’s The Comprehensive Advisor Newsletter, we discuss how and why to do a “spring cleaning” in your business. We believe a good “spring cleaning” is important because it will help you enhance your client experience as well as make your business more efficient and profitable.

Process Makes Perfect

From our observations, the best businesses have created, documented and executed their stated processes. They treat their business like a doctor’s office where every person gets the same experience and standard of care. A great starting point for your spring cleaning is to start with writing down your vision for your business. Then write down your day to day process for taking care of your clients. Do the processes support the execution of your vision? Or can they be refined or enhanced to create that next level client experience? With many advisors out there, we believe your true differentiator is you and the experience you create. We have resources to help you move along these ideas, so please reach out if you are interested in learning more.

Review Your Life Insurance Policies

Your life insurance policies are often overlooked even though they should be reviewed regularly. Do you advise your clients to consider refinancing their mortgage when rates drop? Why? Because you know they can lower their monthly payment or they may be able to shorten the life of their mortgage. Either way, it can make a significant difference to their financial plan. Life insurance is very similar. Costs of insurance changes as rates change and people live longer. Or the client’s circumstances change. They get married, divorced, buy a new home, or need to change their beneficiaries. For these reasons, we suggest you review your policies every 1-2 years and offer to review your client’s insurances that are held away from you as well. We can help you review a specific policy or your book of business. To view our Life Insurance Review- Conversation Starters, click here.

Review Your Annuity Policies

Like your life insurance policies, your annuity policies may not get reviewed as often as you review your traditional portfolio holdings. A good “spring cleaning” would include a regular review process for your existing annuities. Annuities can be complex investments with many moving parts. A regular review of the underlying investments or fixed rates, as well as riders and beneficiaries can be part of your annual review process. While the process may feel cumbersome, we can help you simplify and organize how you approach this project.


Helping you is our primary focus. If you would like to review or discuss any of the ideas above, please contact us at 855.204.6353 or visit us at