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Will Fixed Index Annuities Compliment an Asset Allocation?

The Comprehensive Advisor Newsletter

April 2018

For many advisors, fixed index annuities have been a misunderstood investment that often gets overlooked or avoided because an advisor is “fee-only.”  Some advisors use them but only for certain client situations. However, did you know there have been many enhancements over the past couple of years that have better positioned these investments to compliment asset allocations? There are even options for “fee-only” advisors. This month’s The Comprehensive Advisor Newsletter aims to educate you on how these investments can add real value to your traditional asset allocation by reducing risk and maximizing return. We highlight a newly published whitepaper by Roger Ibbotson that supports these statements, as well as some other tools for helping you identify opportunities.

Fixed Index Annuities- Consider the Alternative 

This whitepaper by Roger Ibbotson illustrates historical data that supports the notion that an FIA can potentially make a positive impact on a portfolio. His research shows that the FIA performed better net of assumed fees than long-term government bonds, with comparable volatility, but with better downside protection. The research showed when bonds underperformed the FIA performed quite well. With interest rates low, and potentially rising, the FIA may be a great alternative to bond funds and the like. To view the whitepaper, please click here 

Incorporating Fixed Index Annuities 

Where do they fit? In this educational piece, we discuss the 4 best ideas for incorporating FIAs into your business. If you have clients concerned about retirement income, protecting principal, or looking for conservative but consistent returns you will learn how they can help. To view the educational piece, please click here.

Did You Know? 

We often hear that advisors like what FIAs can do, but they will not use them because they are “fee-only” advisors. If this is you, we have good news! FIAs are now available as a “fee-only” option. The “fee-only option” has been around for a couple of years, but the real innovation is how they can now be reported on your client reports. If you would like to learn more, please contact us to schedule a time to discuss how we can help. 


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