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March 2020


In the last couple of weeks, we have seen historic market volatility as well as unprecedented events that have dramatically changed our lives and daily routines. It seems this will continue to play out over the coming weeks and months. As you start to better understand how the current market volatility, as well as the dramatic decrease in interest rates impacts your clients, please know we are here to help you. We believe the role of a financial advisor is very important right now as you can help bring calm and rational thinking to these unsettling times. 

We believe there will be a point where clients may want to revisit their financial plan or may want to take action.  We have a program called The Comprehensive Advisor that helps advisors deliver comprehensive financial advice. It is ideal for market conditions like these as it provides simple and actionable ways to drive positive conversations with clients that are focused on what you can control. We believe the clients impacted the most by the recent events are those within five years of retirement and those already retired. If you are in need of ideas to help create greater income certainty, protection of principal, or a policy review, please contact us. 

For those of you with pending illustrations, when the time is right for clients, we strongly suggest you reengage your client. We believe the insurance companies will begin changing their products in the coming months if interest rates continue at these levels. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us anytime.