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The Comprehensive Advisor- What Next?

The Comprehensive Advisor Newsletter

March 2020

In response to these challenging times, we thought it was important to communicate with you. Many of the advisors we serve have been unclear on how clients can move forward with our solutions with “stay at home” and “social distancing” orders. Below are the three most relevant client conversations and the simplified process for each.

We believe The Comprehensive Advisor is a leader to their clients during difficult times. They understand the importance of their role of being positive and providing rational and sound financial guidance. We want to be your partner in the pursuit to help others. Many of the advisors we serve have transitioned to using technology that is conducive to the current environment. However, if you are new to the technology available to help you run a virtual business, please let us know. We can help you get up and running with ZOOM, Uberconference, Docusign, and the many other services available to help you.


The Family Protection Conversation

Sometimes events, like we are experiencing today, drive people to “act” on things they have been putting off. In the past two weeks, we have had many advisors contact us regarding term insurance. Term insurance is one of those things that individuals with families or business owners likely need as part of their financial plan. The good news is many of the insurance companies we work with have streamlined this process due to the current environment. Electronic applications and no medical exam (a nurse taking blood, urine, etc.) are just a few examples. You can click here to see how we approach the family protection conversation. Contact us to learn more.


The Retirement Conversation

If you have retired clients or clients who want to retire in the next five years, we have ideas that may help you. Bear markets hurt clients nearing and in retirement greater than any other client segment. Clients nearing retirement may not have the time necessary to recover. Or in the case of retirees, the bad potential sequence of returns while drawing down their portfolio can cause real long-term damage.  Click here to understand sequence of return risk. Using annuities can provide clients peace of mind as well as a great approach to creating reliable lifetime income. We have principal protection and income guarantee strategies to consider. Several companies are accepting electronic applications as well. 


The Long-Term Care Conversation

Many people’s long-term care plan is “self-insurance.” This is usually due to a lack of planning. The Long-Term Care Conversation is especially relevant in today’s environment as clients may be more realistic about the necessity to plan. With the more popular LTC solutions, they already have streamlined underwriting and phone interviews in place. Click here to see how we approach the long-term care conversation. Contact us to learn more.


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