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What is Your Recipe for Success in 2021?

By: Matt Meyer

January 2021

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If you are like me, I am sure many of you have been thinking about your goals and aspirations for 2021. While this is an annual ritual for me, this year, I approached this process differently. My typical planning process focused on my professional and personal goals and the “results” I was “hoping” for in the year. However, if 2020 taught us anything was that the unthinkable could happen, and frankly, you or I don’t have much control over all the potential “what ifs.” This realization forced me to reevaluate my annual ritual of planning and it evolved my thinking.

What came from it was my new recipe for success. I learned that while I thought it was the goal-setting that attributed to my prior accomplishments, it was the ingredients of the recipe that mattered most. Our mission is to help financial professionals deliver a more comprehensive and thoughtful client experience. I hope to share my new recipe for success to help you evolve your business and ultimately the experience you provide your clients.

Redefining Success

One definition of a recipe is “something which is likely to lead to a particular outcome.” This year I have been thinking intently about “outcome.” I have always been focused on my goals for the year. My definition of success was graded by whether I hit my goals. But as I stated earlier, we don’t and likely can’t control the outcome. As I reflected on prior years, I also realized that there were years where I hit my goals but was not very happy. While in other years, I did not hit them but felt incredible. This self-discovery helped me redefine what success is to me, and I would encourage you to take a similar journey. What I figured out was when I was doing things I was passionate about, the outcome didn’t matter. I learned passion leads to motivation. And motivation leads to a whole lot of wonderful things that you can’t plan for.

Focus On What You Can Control

Doing what I am most passionate about is where my focus will lie in 2021. But what do I do with that? The January 2020 version of myself would have felt very uncomfortable with this mindset. My 2021 mindset is to follow this belief and see where it takes me. To fulfill this mission, I am committed to focusing on what I can control. I know this is an old adage, but it has a new understanding for me. These are the simple ingredients to my recipe for success and something any person can focus on to achieve their definition of success.

1.  Your Mindset- Only you can control your mindset. It can be very hard in a world that is constantly sending noise your way to invoke fear, greed, anxiety, and every other emotion. 2020 took these emotions to a whole new level. The fact is your mindset and attitude can help drive you forward or stop you dead in your tracks. What I have learned are there are many ways to master your mindset. Some examples of what people practice daily are the following: gratefulness, listening to music, meditation, helping others, exercise, and the list can go on and on. I believe you should be open to trying methods to figure out which ones work best for you. If these ideas make you feel uncomfortable, I will encourage you to step through the door of uneasiness and see what is on the other side.

2.  Your Output- Only you control your level of daily output. Isn’t it funny how luck is somehow always bestowed to those who seem to put in more work than others? You control the level of activity you put out, and I don’t just mean with work, but in every aspect of your life. Work, exercise, family, and overall healthy living can benefit from focusing daily on your output.

3.  The Quality of Your Output- Only you control the quality of your output. We live in a world of hurry and multitasking, but I am 100% certain if we take extra time and attention to whatever we are doing, the rewards of our efforts will multiply. The bottom line is focusing on the quality of your output will provide a greater return on your investment of time.

Take It to A New Level

My goal is this year is to keep it simple. I believe the recipe of focusing daily on my mindset, output, and output quality is as simple as it gets. The beauty of this simple recipe is they build on each other. When you have the right mindset and follow your passion, getting excited about your output level becomes more effortless. More output improves your mindset. When you take the extra time to improve your output quality, you will feel great, and the quality of your personal and professional relationships will increase. I hope you find your recipe for success for 2021 and reach new levels in your personal and professional development! Please feel free to contact me anytime, as we are always looking for new professional partnerships that share a common mindset and vision.