The Importance of Policy Reviews
Policy reviews offer a simple way for you to add tremendous value. It is also the easiest way to integrate the risk management conversation into your practice. Clients often purchased policies from an insurance agent who they no longer see. They may not understand what they own or why they own them. These policies should be reviewed every couple of years to make sure they are still relevant to their needs, are not paying too much, or in danger of a policy lapsing due to being underfunded. Our policy review process is simple and turnkey. We can review your life insurance, annuities, long-term care, and disability policies. We do the work and return the review in a client-ready presentation. We can help you present the information to the client or get you comfortable with the information so you can present it on your own.
Incorporating Client Conversations
Having conversations about protecting a client and mitigating risk is a big part of providing comprehensive financial advice and acting in the clients best interest. However, incorporating the insurance conversation may sometimes feel hard or uncomfortable. For this reason, we created Client Conversations. Client Conversations helps you understand where these conversations fit and the easiest way to integrate them into your client service process. We focus on your natural workflow. We dedicate our time to proactive, hands-on, and regular communication that nurtures our partnership and delivers on our commitment to increasing revenue, building greater enterprise value, and creating a more comprehensive client experience.

How to Get Started
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