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Lee Superville
Your Business Development Partner
Lee Superville
Lee Superville
Lee Superville
Lee Superville
Lee Superville
Lee Superville

What are 3 words people use to describe you?

Strategic, Respectful, and Thorough

What are you most grateful for? 

The health and prosperity of my family, our ability to grow together, and the motivation that they give me to be the best person I can be in life.

What gets you excited about life?

You have a great opportunity and responsibility to help others while learning about yourself.  Every day can bring you closer to a better understanding of what you have done and what you are capable of doing.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Always be willing to learn and always be willing to make an impact.

How do you define success? 

Making decisions to put yourself in the best place for growth, self-worth, and helping others.

What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

Helping others is important but even more important is taking time to help yourself.

Lee Superville is a Business Development Partner with The Blueprint. Lee is focused on partnering and with Registered Investment Advisory (RIAs) firms and comprehensive financial advisors to help them provide a more robust comprehensive client experience by being their expert in risk management solutions.  Lee’s belief is every firm and advisor is uniquely based on their experience, clients, and business plan.  It’s important to understand the intrinsic beliefs that have shaped the advisor’s business. His approach consists of asking the right questions, thorough follow-up, and professional execution.

Lee started in the financial services industry in 2007 with Lincoln Financial Group. He performed several different roles which included an internal auditor for Delaware Investments, and a performance and sales analyst.  In 2010, he became an internal wholesaler for Lincoln MoneyGuard working with the MGA/IMO channel in Philadelphia, PA.  Then in 2013, he moved to San Diego, CA to become the Lincoln MoneyGuard external wholesaler. 

Lee has a 7-year-old son and a Bernedoodle dog and currently resides in San Diego, CA.