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Marc Verbos
Strategic Partner- AIMCOR Group, LLC
Marc Verbos
Marc Verbos
Marc Verbos
Marc Verbos
Marc Verbos
Marc Verbos
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What are 3 words people use to describe you? 

 Passionate, Creative, Ambitious

What are you most grateful for? 

 My wife, for her support and belief in me no matter what life throws our way. My son, for keeping me grounded as to what’s most important in life. My father, for his guidance and the times we had together. Last but not least, I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been afforded and how truly blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life.

What gets you excited about life?

 What doesn’t? Good, bad, or indifferent, life is a gift and every day brings new challenges, opportunities, and excitement.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

  1. Let go of the past but don’t forget what it taught you.
  2. When you fall, get back up and do it again.
  3. Always be learning.

How do you define success? 

Being the best version of yourself that you can be in everything you do.

What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

A lot comes to mind here but probably the biggest life lesson I learned the hard way is that happiness isn’t about having everything, it’s about knowing how to appreciate the important things. 

AimcoR Group is a national Insurance Marketing Organization that distributes and services insurance and retirement products through a variety of platforms. AimcoR Group places an emphasis on forging and maintaining the right relationships with the intent of transforming our business.

Marc joined AIMCOR Group in September of 2014 as Vice President of Business Development. In 2015, Marc was instrumental in launching the Enterprise Insurance Group (EIG), AIMCOR’s institutional/B2B platform, and continues to lead that initiative as Managing Director. Marc is responsible for leading the overall marketing and business development efforts of AIMCOR, working closely with its member firms and insurance carrier partners to grow sales and drive adoption of insurance products through traditional, institutional and alternative distribution channels.

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